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Harrachov Brewery Restaurant:
Authentic Czech beer and culinary experience

Our brewery restaurant is a place where quality beer meets excellent food. We offer a wide range of traditional Czech dishes that are carefully prepared by our experienced chefs. Good beer goes with good food, so we make sure that our menu perfectly complements our beers.
Our restaurant offers seating for up to 180 people and the menu includes a wide selection of traditional Czech dishes and various beer specialties. The first stage of beer production - brewing - takes place in front of the guests' eyes. The process then continues one floor below in the brewery cellar with fermentation and maturation. In the restaurant, beer is tapped directly from the brewery tanks, which has a positive effect on its taste.
In addition to the brewery and restaurant, we also offer a glimpse into the world of glassmaking. In the afternoon from 3:30 p.m., you can go out of the restaurant to the gallery of the glassworks and let yourself warm up over the red-hot furnaces, where everyone will feel a pleasant warmth. This is a unique opportunity to see how glass is made and how a glassworks becomes a brewery.
The Novosad Harrachov Restaurant and Brewery is the place where the glassworks meet the beer, where the glassworks become the brewery and where you can taste the beer that has more awards than many others. We look forward to your visit.


Harrachov 95
512 46 Czech Republic
+420 605 096 631

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Harrachov 172
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